SurgiVet Advisor Vital Signs Monitor

SurgiVet Advisor Vital Signs Monitor is the leading choice in veterinary specific multi-parameter monitoring.  With its large, easy-to-read display and intuitive design, the Advisor is available in multiple configurations.  The standard parameters include ECG, digital pulse oximetry, heart rate, non-invasive blood pressure. Optional parameters include end tidal CO2, respiratory rate, 2-channel temperature, 2-channel invasive blood pressure.  The SurgiVet Advisor features three clinical monitoring modes that adjust ECG sensitivity, cuff inflation pressure and alarm limits that allow the monitor to be tailored to the physical requirements of the patient. Built in presets for a typical cat, dog and horse. Effective and reliable monitoring for animals from 500 grams to large animals.

The Advisor Multi-Parameter Series is Data Logger compatible to capture data electronically into Excel. All models, except the basic model, feature a built in battery and are supplied with all accessories for each parameter as standard.

This is the leading choice for genuine veterinary specific monitoring in Australia.

A range of accessories are available to enhance the use of the monitor including a Mobile Roll Stand, Data Logger or Oesophageal ECG and Temperature probe.