v-gel® Advanced Veterinary Airway Management System

v-gel® is the first true veterinary species specific supraglottic airway device. Anatomically designed specifically for Cats and Rabbits. Manufactured from medical grade silicone giving it a soft gel-like feel the v-gel provides a high quality pressure seal that avoids laryngeal and tracheal trauma resulting in safer anaesthetics and superb comfortable patient recoveries.

– Fast, easy, safe and stress free insertion.
– No post-operative coughing or gagging.
– Avoids laringal spasm as does not contact larynges
– Low airway breathing resistance due to the large airway channel.
– High quality pressure seal restricts leakage of agents.
– Super soft contoured tip for a highly effective upper oesophagus seal to prevent potential aspiration of reflux fluid.
– Integral bite block to stop patient damaging the device and occluding the airway.
– Suitable for use with dental procedures and oral surgery
– Designed to be reused and sterilised