Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators are economical to run and provide continuous high purity oxygen capable of running multiple anaesthesia machines or oxygen therapy.  Several system configurations are available to accommodate for flows and pressure to suit any veterinary practice. Huge savings in oxygen consumption charges and cylinder rentals.   The AirSep Newlife Intensity portable concentrator is our best seller. Producing 10 litres per minute of high purity oxygen (>93%) and 20 psi pressure, it is suitable for running two anaesthesia machines or oxygen therapy.

  • Low running costs, approximately 500 watts of electricity.
  • Portable with rollerbase design. The AirSep can be rolled to where you need it or custom extension oxygen hoses are available if needed.
  • Extensively used worldwide. Made in USA with 12 month warranty.
  • No plumbing required. Simply connect your machine oxygen hose handwheel to the oxygen concentrator instead of an oxygen cylinder.