SurgiVet CDS9000 Anaesthesia System

A trusted leader in veterinary anaesthesia equipment, the CDS9000 provides the most user friendly solution for veterinary facilities.  SurgiVet anaesthesia machines are manufactured to the highest standards and feature maintenance free design and long-life high quality components.  Some of the standard features include;

  • anodised brush aluminum block with built-in inhalation and exhalation valves,
  • fresh gas port for non-rebreathing circuit located in the front of the block,
  • quality metal pop-off valve with separate pop-off occlusion valve,
  • quick change absorber canister,
  • patient pressure manometer,
  • 200ml to 4 litre oxygen rotameter

Supplied with all accessories including; Universal F & Mod. Jackson Rees breathing circuits, oxygen supply hose and scavenge hose. Vaporiser sold separately. Available in mobile, bench or wall mount configurations. Standard 5 Year factory warranty – maintenance free design.