ePM12 / uMEC12 Monitors


A new generation veterinary multi-parameter monitor.  Streamline user design with touch screen gesture controls similar to smartphones.  Intuitive two-step operations make this monitor user friendly and easy to operate and configure.  Configurable to suit your clinical requirements; HR, SpO2, ECG, Temp, NIBP, IBP, RR, ETCO2 and Multi-gas Agent capability.

Target dashboard shows key parameter ranges and current patient reading during monitoring, user customisable. Built in troubling shooting features, for example – automatically switches ECG signal to available leads if primary lead connection is lost.  Visible and audible alarm ensures patient safety is not compromised.  Automatic patient trend data storage up to 48hrs with event marking capability. WiFi data transfer available.  Memory for up to 25 customised configurations with different alarm settings for different species.  Supports USB transfer to save and re-load user configuration settings.  Robust construction with high quality materials designed to withstand most cleaning products and disinfectants.


Accurate and reliable multi-parameter monitor.  Efficient and easy to use with 12″ high-resolution touch screen.  Less than 4Kg weight makes it portable and mobile for any clinical situation.  Configurable to suit your needs; HR, SpO2, ECG, Temp, NIBP, IBP, RR and ETCO2.  Veterinary specific attachments ensure accurate readings across all parameters.  Patient data storage for up to 48 hrs with event marking.  Built in battery for emergency use or patient transport for up to 4 hrs run time.